One true story told within all world stories

Masters of English

Hello all,

As were coming close to the end of term, I felt it appropriate to post a super video for you all.

From what I understand, many of you have taken the course at Avo-Bell to increase your value as you pursue your professional path. This video is a documentary based on the works of Joseph Campbell. Joseph was a philosopher and arguably the greatest mythologist of all time. He dissected and diagrammed all of the mythic stories of the world. And he found that there is only one true story told within all world stories. He called it the hero’s journey.

The hero’s journey involves three parts; separation, initiation and return. This format is woven into the very fabric of the movie industry and story telling in general and more importantly, it reflects life and human growth.

Mythology is for me, a window into our own understanding. This…

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